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Would you like to know how an Equipter
"debri handler" could speed up your
cleanup and disposal?

Now there's a low cost way to find out. Rent one. Find out for yourself how the Equipter can make
your crew more efficient, and your customers more satisfied.
There will be no problems managing your job site. The Equipter is is
towable, drivable, raisable, and dumpable

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Roof Buggy Rental Services

Don’t climb up another roof without your Roof Buggy!

Installing a new roof is never easy. You spend all day going up and down ladders
carrying large heavy packs of shingles in the searing sun. Doing it all yourself on a budget makes for a long job. Seeing the bigger guys
installing a new roof in half the time with their fleet of equipment and vehicles only makes you jealous. There’s got to be an easier
way, right? You can now install roofs with the best of them because you can go to the best

Roof Buggy Rental Prices

We Rent Roof Buggies By Day/ Week/ Month/ Or even longer

Daily $150
Weekly $600
2-weeks $1,150
3-weeks $1,600
4-weeks $1,975

Long term call for discounted rates

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